Дек 21 2015

Black Rose Academy (Protege De La Rose Noire) (2004)

Black Rose Academy (Protege De La Rose Noire) (2004)

Cast: Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Ekin Cheng, Tats Lau, Teresa Mo...

Genre: action, comedy

Gillian and Charlene, as usual, play a couple of mis-matched partners who come under the tutelage of the slightly nutty and love-sick Black Rose (Teresa Mo), a former kung fu-fighting super-hero who grooms them for a life of fighting crime. Ekin Cheng plays a dim-witted cab driver who wears a Robin costume and becomes Charlene's love interest. There is a bit of "comedy" as Rose confuses Ekin with her former lover and Gillian become jealous. A lot of time is wasted with this Three's Company-style shtick until eventually, some shred of a conflict comes forward, as the girls must battle a former protege of Rose who has taken to kidnapping to pay the bills.

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